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Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant (EYPDG)

Please read the information below which gives details of the Welsh Government's Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant.

2016-2017  The School's main EYPDG actions in support of those children who may be at risk of underachieving due to deprivation are highlighted in this year's School Improvement Plan in purple.

The school will be focussing on providing interventions to increase children's confidence and wellbeing while working in the Nursery, providing extra practice in social interaction and play skills in small groups.

In addition parents are invited to join the school's Language and Play programme (re-launched as Learning Together) to enjoy simple activities that model learning behaviours and discussions on how they can be introduced at home.


2015-2016 The School's planned spending of our allocation is highlighted in RED within our School Improvement Plan (see below)

The main focus for our EYPDG spending is on helping families support children's learning out of school, and to increase parents/carers confidence and competence in tackling common challenging issues at home eg bedtime routines, fussy eating, handling temper tantrums, cooperating with others, etc.