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After carrying out significant research, the Welsh Government is placing strong emphasis on improving attendance levels in all schools.


The research carried out clearly shows that the more regularly a child attends school, the more they will learn and achieve. The Welsh Government challenges all pupils to attend for at least 97% of the school year. This would mean that they have no more than 6 days off from school each year.


At Bute Cottage Nursery School we are committed to providing your child with the best possible education and ensuring they achieve to the best of their ability. Please support us with this by making sure your child attends school on time and every day. Regular attendance is vital to ensure that your child receives maximum benefit from the Nursery experience.  It also helps reinforce the attitude that school is too important and exciting to miss.


Please ring or email school if your child is away. We monitor attendance closely and need to keep reasons for absence alongside records of attendance. We appreciate that there may be reasons behind low attendance such as illness, domestic arrangements or authorised medical appointments which will be taken into account. .  If school has been given no explanation for your child’s absence we will contact you by text on the first day to enquire.  If there is a repeated pattern of non-attendance or no responses to our enquiries the School follows the Welsh Government's CALLIO attendance tool.  Please see the CALLIO table below for the Green, Amber and Red bandings and what this means in terms of days off school.


For more information please see our policy