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Bute Cottage Community Garden


The land adjacent to the School is owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council Education Service and has been left open for community use for a number of years.  In 2011 the school  were given permission to develop the site with the wider community for joint school and community use.  This involves capital expenditure, so the school and local community groups are planning to bid for grant funding to support the development in a variety of ways.


The proposed development plan for the Community Garden is in 2 phases:


Phase 1 involved the planting of an orchard and wildflower area which was completed in the Summer term 2014.  The 10 native fruit trees were sponsored by local groups and businesses.  The children also planted pollinator plants outside the Nursery perimeter fence, provided through a grant from Tidy Wales. 


To mark the World War 1 centenary the children and parents sowed poppy seeds in a wildflower area, and this will continue annually.   Picnic benches have also been provided by the school, and an area for garden composting has been established.  Phase 1 has been completed.

The community garden has been given a make over.  All seating has been painted and the grass area has been cleared of all rubbish and fly tipping.  A crazy path has been cut into the orchard area to create a fun trail for the children and we are in the process of clearing the raised flower beds for replanting. Please feel free to add plants/seeds in the raised beds as they are for community use.  The Woodland Trust have also provided a variety of trees to encourage birds and wildlife which currently form a small copse inside the orchard fence.    


All members of the community are welcome to use this space. 

We have just one request and that is to be restful of this green space and each other. 

  • Please put rubbish in the bin, if this is full take your rubbish home to dispose of it.
  • Pick up all dog mess and dispose of appropriately.

Thank you and enjoy!


If you have any further ideas for the development of the garden or would like to get involved, please email or contact the school to speak to a member of staff.