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Parent workshops

Play and Learn


Play and Learn is a short programme of parent workshops designed and delivered by staff to help parents find out about how and what their child is learning in school.  We will also provide little tips for supporting learning at home.  It is an informal, play-based programme consisting of 2 sessions over two weeks.  The programmes take place during the normal Nursery session, and are full of fun activities for parents/carers to do alongside their child, practising the questions and language that will further support and develop their child's learning and thinking skills in school and at home.


You don't need to bring anything - just a willing pair of hands - and simply enjoy being '3 years old' for a day, meeting your child's friends and favourite places to go / things to do. 


You will be finding out about helping your child develop their pre-literacy skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in week 1.  In week 2 you will help to develop your child's maths understanding as we investigate and problem solve using all the aspects of mathematics, not just counting and numbers!  During the two weeks we can have a chance to talk about how to help your child understand about and structure their day and practise personal, social and emotional skills - Parents always say how useful our behaviour pointers are!


So if you're interested in the next Play and Learn programme, please chat with your child's teacher to add your name to the list.  



Getting to Know You Workshops

Soon after your child has settled Parents and carers are invited to join school-based workshops led by the staff showing how the Nursery organises its day and delivers the Foundation Phase curriculum.


You will come away with a wealth of information about how you can help at home with early writing and reading skills, and how important it is to play outside and develop strong muscles even before you start to write!


You will also have an opportunity to enjoy meeting other parents and maybe even see first-hand how your child is playing and learning.


It's also a chance for us to get to know you better and see what skills you have that can support the school - if you're willing!