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Siarter Iaith Welsh Language and Culture

Welsh Language Development

The Welsh Government aims to have a million welsh speakers by 2050 with the education system playing a key role in achieving this target.  At Bute Cottage Nursery we have a welsh mascot called Dewi Draig who helps the children to understand and use welsh words and phrases. Dewi also helps us to learn about the welsh culture and what it means to be a citizen of Wales.  

We have Helpu'r Heddiw T-shirts that pupils will be given to wear as a reward when we hear them using welsh words in nursery.  We are pleased to announce that the school has achieved the "Siarter Iaith" Welsh Charter Bronze Award and is currently working towards the Silver Award.. 

You can help us achieve this by:

Looking out for our welsh phrases on the parents noticeboard and encouraging the children to say them at home.

Dewi Draig